donderdag 27 mei 2010


Ik maakte er ook een paar, als sleutelhanger of speldenkussentje of gewoon tof hebbedingetje.
Blijkbaar is er ook een leuke legende aan dit vrouwtje verbonden...

Legend of Baboushka

The Russian version of St. Nicholas is Baboushka meaning 'grandmother' in Russian. The character had been much popular in old Russia before the revolution of 1917. It was reputed that Baboushka was old woman who had no family, rarely received guests and was so used to live alone in a big house that all she could think of was cleaning, doing the household chores and looking after her empty property. One cold evening, when she was scrubbing her floors, the three Wise Men passed her house on their way to see the Holy Child. They spotted her in the window and asked her to come with them to see the new King of the world. But she refused stating that her floors were not yet clean.

She invited them to her house to spend the night but they said that they were in a hurry and bid her farewell and went on their way. Later, that night Baboushka regretted her decision of not going with the three men and gathering a few trinkets from her meager possessions, set off to find them and the Holy Child. She kept on walking inquiring to several people about the three traveling men and the Holy Child destined to be the King of the world but could not find them. It is said that she is still searching and wanders from place to place in search of them. On the eve of Epiphany of 6th of January, she also leaves trinkets as gifts to the good children in the hope that they will help her find Baby Jesus.

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  1. leuk!! ik gebruik ze als speldenkussentje

  2. da's een mooie legende, dat wist ik niet. ze zijn wel knoddig, jouw poppetjes!

  3. IK heb er al één in mijn bezit en ze zijn super!!
    Veel groetjes,

  4. Ik maakte ook al een reeks sleutelhangers en speldekussentjes, ze zijn leuk hé!